You don’t see them very often, but there is a growing population in the U.P. One thing is for sure, if you do see one you won’t mistake it for anything else. They are absolutely huge! 

They may come across as clumsy and slow, but they can move with great speed and are protective of their young. So give them a wide berth if you see one. 

They occasionally wander into towns and cause quite a stir. There were pictures of one giving birth on a front yard. I suppose the mother thought it was safer than among the wild animals in the woods. 

I have not seen one in a long time, and just missed one while hiking two years ago. I made my way to a pond and saw the tracks on the bank as it entered the water for food or drink. The ground was still wet from where it stood. Eventually I lost the tracks in the forest floor and I wasn’t able to spot him.