bald eagle


The U.P. is loaded with bald eagles. You’ll see them along the Lake Superior and Lake Michigan shorelines. As well as just about every inland lake, river, and throughout the woods. Their nests endure year after year of extreme storms and winter blizzards. So if you come across one during your travels, more than likely it will be there next year as well. 

Immature eagles are just as big as the adults, but they lack the white head and tail. They are brown with some white feathers scattered throughout. 

If you see a large bird gliding through the air, look to see if the wings are extended straight out like an airplane. Eagles ride the wind currents, unlike vulture’s that follow thermal currents. If you see a large bird circling with it’s wings in a V, it’s a vulture not an eagle. 

There are golden eagles in the UP. Golden's can look similar to immature bald eagles, so sometimes they are difficult to tell apart. Sometimes when the sun hits their feathers just right and you see a golden shine, chances are you're it's not an immature bald eagle.