Rapid River Knife Works

My dad and grandfather were fans of Marble Knives. Made in Gladstone Michigan, these knives developed a collectors following and were known for their great quality and service. Eventually another U.P. knife company came into play, Wolverine Knifeworks and later changed their name to Rapid River Knifeworks. Located just 7 miles from the original Marble’s factory, I endear them as a relative to the great icon. 

After my grandfather passed away and their house was to be sold off, I took a piece of banister rail my grandfather made and was uniquely aged through years of loving hands guiding their way up and down the stairs. I asked Rapid River Knifeworks if they could make me a knife with this wood as the handle. Not a problem. All I had to do was choose the style and they’d make it work. My favorite blade is their Drop Point. It reminds me of an old Marble’s knife I lost in the woods years back. Word to the wise, nostalgia is fine with a knife, but not a sheath. Carry the best sheath for securely holding your knife, not the original soft leather sheath the knife came in 100 years ago. 

The drop point looks like the perfect blade, and I got to test it this fall while bowhunting. Seasoned hunters would find useful and relevant the gory details, but for the sake of all others I’ll spare them. I will say however that this knife finished the job more acutely than any knife I’ve used before. 

After having harvested my deer, it was a warm day and I decided to do much of the processing in the field. Once again, I found the blade to be exceptional. I skinned, quartered, deboned, took out the inner and outer loins all with my Rapid River Drop Point. It kept a fine edge and was easy to handle.

The sheath locks the knife in tight buttoning down around the finger guard. During discussion with Matt, the guy building my knife at Rapid River, I debated keeping the finger guard on but have since (just as he said I would) found the guard quite helpful. 

Don’t store the knife in the sheath and keep it lightly oiled. This will be something you pass through the generations.

Rapid River Knifeworks has tons of blades to choose from. I know what one my favorite is. But we all have different preferences when it comes to a functioning knife. One thing is sure - you can’t go wrong with buying any of their blades. They come with a lifetime warranty/sharpening and I can tell you that they stand behind it. While I was as their factory a guy came in with a small pocket knife and a malfunctioning spring. Looking to be beyond good repair, they told him to take his pick of other pocket knives in the showroom. 

That’s service not too easy to replicate with a knife made in China!

Rapid River Knifeworks is located in 10484 U.25 Rd/US.2 Rapid River Michigan. 906-474-9444.