These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Mountain Light Hikers on autumn adventures

Smoked salmon cooked on my Campfire Grill

Benchmade Grizzly cutting through strings

These are a few of my favorite things...

I know, not quite as poetic as Julie Andrews. But if you are going on an adventure, whiskers on kittens and brown paper packages won't do you much good. Nope, you'll need stuff that's been tested and you can depend on. 

If it's on my Favorite List then it means it's good - really good, but probably not cheap. I'm highlighting quality above all else. So if you see a smoking deal this Thanksgiving weekend, be sure to gobble it up.

Danner Combat Hiker

I bought these Danner Combat Hikers with the help of my friends at Utica Shoe. They fit a little truer to size than some other Made in USA Danner’s. When I first tried them on, I thought they were a tad long in the toe. Scott from Utica Shoe assured me that was by design. 

Danner also makes an imported similar boot called the Talus. Don’t get confused and buy those by mistake.

The Combat Hikers were engineered by our US Military specifically for our men and women in Afghanistan. They wanted a boot that was tough, holding up to the rough rocky terrain and yet comfortable to spend the day/night hiking. The extra room in the toe keeps your toes from jamming when going down steep declines. 

My first weekend of use I put close to 20 miles in. Not a single blister! They handled superb in water, ice, snow, rock, mud and the U.P. forest floor. 

They fit comfortably. I wore them out of the box on my initial hikes, but have since replaced the insole. The standard one felt fine, but custom cushion was even better. 

The boot is not overly stiff. Much different from my Danner Mountain Light’s that have a very rigid sole. They feel durable and agile enough that I can feel the ground beneath me. 

They were not available to the general public in 2010 while Danner was filling a large military order. Advertised for around $310, I have since found them on-line at e-bay for even cheaper. Presumably being sold by some of the military that put them through little or no use. Shortly thereafter, Danner started selling them on their site for just $189.99. When I called to inquire they explained that they had excess inventory and are selling the boots at a discount in order to move them from storage. It appears they reduced their inventory as they are listed at full price again. But there are still plenty to be found on eBay.

Even at full retail price, I think you’ll get your money’s worth. I buy all my boots at Utica Shoe in Utica Michigan. The number is 586-731-0810. Scott, the owner, knows more about boots and the industry than anyone I’ve met. That experience helps me when choosing the right boot for purchase, and best practices to maintain my boots for life. His prices are great, and they care for my boots whenever I stop by the shop.

Danner Combat Hiker’s are the best hiking boots I’ve ever worn. They are made with excellent quality and I’m sure I’ll have them for years. Plus, Danner are a top notch company to work with. I had a pair of Pronghorn boots that sprung a leak. I called to explain and request an exchange, but that I wanted to keep them through the winter as they were my snow boots and didn’t want to be without. They said no problem. The following summer they hooked me up with an even nicer pair. 

I would highly recommend Danner, and especially these Combat Hiker’s to anyone.