Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are very versatile fish. Technically, steelhead are rainbow’s that live in the great lakes. They don’t have as dynamic of a pattern that their river cousins have. Nor do the ones that live in lakes or ponds. I’m not sure why that is, but the river fish have dynamic reddish pink lines and spectacular dots. 

They are also opportunistic feeders and will take similar lures and flies that a brookie will.  But I have noticed that the big ones are a bit pickier. One day I was spinner fishing on one of my favorite rivers and I saw a 26” plus rainbow move into a feeding slot. I put my spinner within inches of his nose numerous times, no takes. I’m sure if I had my fly rod I would have hooked him. Eventually he grew tired of my pestering and swam into the deep black depths. 

Fish like that come few and far between but are a real thrill to see let alone catch.