Pasties - The Best Ones

The U.P.’s Finnish immigrants followed the Cornish Miners traditions and adopted the pasty for use in the Copper Country mines. It became a staple food for hungry people spending long days in the outdoors. Today there are many variations of pasties, some better than others. Don’t assume if you’ve had one then you’ve had them all. I prefer a fresh pastie, never frozen, still warm and ready to eat out of a paper bag. The best ones don’t need ketchup or hot sauce to spruce them up. I’ve had many over the years, but only recently began ranking them, with my favorite being a 10. Each time traveling through the Yoop I’ll be sure to try a few more and share my findings. So far Muldoon’s in Munising takes my top thumbs up!!

Muldoon’s have jumped into first place as my favorite U.P. Pastie. They are located on the West side of Munising, made fresh daily in a small house. The pastie is fantastic, setting is perfect, you can eat them there or take to the road. The crust is tasty, and not overwhelming. It comes individually wrapped in a paper bag, warm and ready to enjoy!

Muldoon's in Munising - 906-387-5880

There’s a little Diner off M-28 in Autrain that makes my second favorite pastie. I usually buy them from the gas station across the street from the diner. They are fresh and warm on the counter wrapped in waxed paper. They don’t need ketchup, gravy or anything else. Just open them up and eat them the way the lumberjacks did decades ago. Crust is thinner and not as flaky.

AuTrain - 906-892-8131

Naubinway is one of those blink and you’ll miss it towns along U.S. 2 about 45 minutes West of the Mackinac Bridge. If you’re hungry and ready for a meal, these pasties are very good. The dough is more on the pie-like side. It’s flaky and thicker. You might want a beverage handy to help wash it down.  The pastie is filling and quite delicious. 

Hiawatha Pasties in Naubinway - 906-477-1148

Lehto's Pasties on US2 about 10 minutes west of St. Ignance. They are VERY good pasties. A number of the pastie shops near St. Ignance have frozen pasties they heat up for you when you ask for it. I've never had that at Lehto's. Fresh out of the oven served in a paper bag just like they should be.