The "Gemmys"

Honest sharing of experiences. That's what the Gemmys are about. Returning and local alumni take to the stage in front of the entire Manistique Area School 6-12 grade classes in a one of a kind opportunity. The Gemmys started in 2016 with James Studinger sharing his stories of growing up in Manistique, college experiences and into his current career, aspirations and family life.

The Gemmys carry a couple of common themes - 1) That being from Manistique is much more a reason you will succeed in life and by no means a limitation. Whether your aspirations are the far reaches of the world, the pinnacle of medicine, riches, political, social, compassionate accomplishments or a wonderful life in your hometown. All is possible and incubated throughout your experiences and relationships in Manistique. 2) LUFU - Love You for You. We succeed in life by helping others rise rather than by breaking them down. Embrace your unique qualities and the wonderful differences in others.

Each spring Manistique welcomes two alumni to present their story at the Gemmys. It's an expiernce equally beneficial for the students and the presenters.

Previous Gemmy Presenters

Future Gemmy Presenters

Would you like to speak at the Gemmys? We are booking speakers well in advance, so if interested, please let us know now by filling out the Gemmy Submission form below. James Studinger will contact you directly to discuss. Thank you for your help. Manistique Area School students have wonderful opportunities in life, but these opportunities are leveraged many times over by hearing from Alumni Gems. You have the ability to impact your hometown and foster a prosperous and compassionate culture for generations to come. Looking for more ways to get involved? Be sure to look into the Gem Hosting Program and the Gems' Alumni Association.

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