Jennifer Weston

  • After graduating as Salutatorian from MHS in 1990, I attended Alma College and graduated cum laude with a BS in Biology. I worked for 1 year at MSU in the Biochemistry department as a research assistant. I then moved to Houston, Texas and attended Baylor College of Medicine where I received my Masters of Science degree and completed Baylor's Physician Assistant program. After graduation, I moved back to the Lansing area. I have worked as a Physician Assistant in family practice and urgent care medicine at several places including Sparrow Hospital, Eaton Rapids Medical Center, Lansing Urgent Care, and Lake Lansing Family Practice.

  • I love to be outside! I love biking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, fishing, relaxing at my cottage with friends and family, gardening, home improvement projects, and traveling.

  • Happy Manistique Memory - Many of my happiest memories from my youth involve the game of golf. I spent so many hours at the Indian Lake Golf and Country Club, both as an employee and as a golfer. I remember the car trips to the course after school, the bus rides to many away meets, having to carry mittens in my golf bag in May, being club champion at 16, and all the friendly people that I would meet while working there in the summer.

  • Favorite Place to See in Manistique: Every time I make a trip to Manistique, I have to walk the boardwalk and the break wall out to the lighthouse. No trip is complete without making the sand squeak too!

  • Activities While a Student - I was a pretty busy kid! I played basketball 9-11th grade, was a fall cheerleader my senior year, was on the swim team for all 4 years, and played golf all 4 years. I was in the senior class play, National Honor Society, did marching band as a freshman, and played powder puff football. I also worked several jobs from the time I was 13, starting at the cream and fudge shop, Frank's Shell gas station, the golf course, was a lifeguard at the high school, then my favorite job working at the movie theater and drive-in.

  • Accomplishments I am Proud Of - I've done many things in my life that I am proud of; graduating with honors from Alma, completing PA school, finishing 4 triathlons, remodeling a cottage, being club champion at 3 different golf courses... but the thing that I am most proud of is raising 3 amazing children. I have made many of the choices in my life to directly benefit my children and I am proud of the role model I am for them in their lives.

  • Why is Anything Possible Coming from Manistique - Especially so for the young people of today, anything is possible because of the availability of information. there was no such thing as the internet when I was a kid. There was no Khan Academy to help explain things I didn't understand in math class. I couldn't take a free online class to help prepare me for the SAT or ACT. I think that with the wealth of knowledge available to the youth of the world, combined with the good old Yooper hard work ethics and perseverance, anything is possible.