Waterfalls Throughout the Upper Peninsula

I see the ones in Munising most often as I go through it on many of my trips to the U.P. and they are easy to access with the kids. But there are fantastic falls throughout the U.P. This site has a real nice layout and pictures on some of them. Here’s another site that has an even more detailed look at more of the falls in the U.P., with pictures to many of them. Quite a few of the falls have large areas of rocks and boulders that are lots of fun to spend part of a day on. 

Don’t think that the falls are only good to see in the summer either. They are quite spectacular in the winter. But word of caution for the winter explorer- there’s often such deep snow that you don’t know if you are walking on rocks or water. And, some of the water is moving quite quickly below your feet, which can make for unstable ice. It is best to know the area you are hiking near the falls before you step where you shouldn’t in the winter. That said, some of my best time with the falls have been in the winter, so it’s worth taking a look.