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Trout Opener - Third Saturday of April

The third Saturday of April is Michigan’s trout opener. While some rivers are open all year round, anglers must wait for this magic day for the vast majority of trout excursions. While it might be a little bit early to hit a nighttime hatch, it still is an amazing time to fish. There’s usually a late steelhead run and you can find some big trout feeding on their eggs. Not to mention, if you do come across steelhead then you’ll be in for a real blast. 

I like to throw big ugly streamers for browns, or tie on an egg pattern if I think they are feeding on errant spawn. 

Hit every hole and gnarled log. Look for steelhead spawning on their “reds” (gravel bed). Check the front of a deep hole for sign of hen steelhead laying eggs, or just behind her for the bucks jockeying for position. Deep in the hole or even at the very back of the hole as it empties back into the main current you might find browns or rainbows feeding on drifting eggs. 

The rivers are full of life and just waiting to be conquered!