little presque isle

Little Presque Isle

I can’t believe that after all the years of living and exploring the U.P., I had never been to Little Presque Isle until the summer of 2011. This isn’t a see it once and that’s it place. I’ll be back here with the kids for many years to come. 

it starts with one of those magical looking pine forests. The kind where kids think a pixie might come flying out from behind a pine cone. And then a walk down a pristine beach to find the shallow passage to a treasure of bedrock, dunes, forest and beachfront. It is one of the few places in Michigan where you can sit on 2.3 billion year old bedrock made of granitic. 

Trails encircle the island, leading to cliffs over crystal clear waters, making perfect diving platforms for those on the more adventurous side. I jumped from some of the smaller ones, which were plenty high for me. 

This is a great place to spend a day. Swim in the lake, explore the island, have a picnic on the sun-warmed stones, then roast smores on the beach and wait for the northern lights to dance across the star filled sky.