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Triathlon Training in the UP

It’s summer and there’s a buzz in the air. Race schedules are set and the excitement keeps you focussed on training. There’s only one problem, where can you train safely? You live in an urban setting scattered with private lakes or public ones filled with rocketing speed boats and jet skis. There’s plenty of new pavement, but the cars own the road and aren’t afraid to show it. Running isn’t a problem, so long as you don’t mind the relentless pounding of concrete. 

The U.P. isn’t just a travel destination for fishing, hunting, camping, smoked fish and pasties - it’s the ideal location for the best triathlon training in the entire state of Michigan.

Pristine lakes with no motor boats are everywhere making swimming training a breeze.

If you want hills, the U.P. has them. Looking for flats? There’s that too. If you are a mid-foot strike runner tired of concrete and slanted roads, hit the dirt and get lost in the beauty of the woods.

My favorite bike roads are the ones linking the major travel routes. For example, i94 that runs north and south between U.S.2 and M28. There’s very little traffic and excellent pavement. setting for triathlon training. 

I recently did a 70 mile loop and didn’t see my second car until I was 50 miles into the day.

On your next trip to the great north, be sure to pack your goggles, running shoes and tri-bike and revel in the best training experience you’ve ever had!

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