Call of the Yooper has embarked on a Wolf Project. We have multiple trail camera's strategically placed throughout thousands of UP wilderness. The goals are trifecta 1) to be able to identify individual wolves, 2) pattern individual and entire pack wolf movement, 3) discern how many packs live within a 40,000 acre parcel of UP Wilderness and what their borders are.

Success requires a serious commitment to resources - trail cameras and batteries, intense study of topographic maps, satellite images, prey abundance and most importantly - boots on the ground. But the reward is, well... rewarding. 

It used to be rare to get a picture of a wolf. I remember the first one, and the second, and the third - but I don't know which one was the fourth or the fiftieth. I can say this much - most of the wolves look alike. I need to rely on quality daytime images and distinguishing marks. 

Follow our Facebook page as we'll be asking for your help in distinguishing one wolf from another. Our favorite is Einzelganger. He's a huge usually lone wolf. This one's easy to identify, and not just because he has a collar. He's big, like almost as big as an adult deer. He moves faster than most of the other wolves (his tracks are easy to identify in the snow because of his loooong stride), he has long legs and a barrel of a midsection. 

We'll regularly add more wolf profiles, patterns and pack information so stay tuned...