Hals - Alpha Female

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Einzelganger might be the bruiser of the bunch, but Hals has the brains. She's an impressive looking wolf and if I have it right, she's the Alpha Female.

I'm told by wolf biologists that the Alpha Female plays the most important role in the pack. The right Alpha Female can make the difference between a flourishing pack and a problem pack. 

Here are some of her more distinguishing characteristics:

She's often in the lead. When I capture multiple wolves or even the entire pack, it's common for Hals to be the first one through the brush.

Hals usually does that "Wolf Stare" thing directly in my camera. Like she's telling me something, probably some choice words that I'd rather not hear - like what she might do if I messed with her pack. My cameras are strategically positioned over miles of raw wilderness. No matter where I've located them, if she's walked past she's looked directly at the camera. Which is really quite impressive considering the hundreds of animals I have go past my cameras that have no clue it's there. 

She has a svelte figure. Of all the wolves I've seen, she looks the longest and most defined.

Unlike Einzelganger, I've never seen her alone. But I have seen her accompany Einzelganger more frequently than I've seen any other wolf do. In fact, aside from a rare time I captured Einzelganger with a pack, Hals is about the only wolf I've seen with Einz. 

From the increasing frequency of wolves on my trail camera images, I'd say the West Side Pack is doing quite well under the leadership of Hals.