Superior to Michigan

The fall of 2013 I had a break in my schedule for something that has intrigued me for ages - hiking from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan. So I called my brother Jon, who jumped at the idea. Our trek began on October the 24th. 

Lake Superior was an awesome sight. Waves crashing, deafening winds and massive hills. Once we crossed Miners Creek it was nothing but up - and steep.

I had plotted our course for the trip using topographic maps downloaded from the State of Michigan. Jon had a laminated set as did I, each with dots I marked strategically on destination points that would keep us on track. The Hiawatha National forest is massive and unforgiving. Without a proper plan, we could find ourselves fighting the swamps for days and never make it to our destination. Tough terrain was unavoidable, but we could minimize the impact by identifying pinch points on the map, and then hitting them perfectly during the hike. 

Each day brought it’s own set of challenges. From river crossings, near dehydration to a bear wanting in my tent. There were no dull moments. 

By noon of the third day Jon and I had hiked just over half the distance. Unfortunately he tweaked his knee the day before, and had to call his hike over. We managed a cell signal north of the Indian River, and met my Dad and sister Amanda on a bridge. I continued on solo from there.

I made four videos, one for each of the days. I’ll also write more about the details and give a review of the gear that we used on the trip. Along with a list of must bring items for any of you who wish to follow our tracks.

It was an amazing journey and I’m thankful for the time with my brother Jon, and for the love, help and support of my family and friends. 

I don’t know if hiking in the UP is on your bucket list, but if it’s not, you might consider adding it. I sure hope you get a chance to enjoy a walk through the woods in one of Michigan’s most treasured gifts to us all.