Tour Da Yoop, Eh - It's Your Chance to be First


Do you want to participate in a bucket list crazy UP biking adventure? Read on your crazy diamond!

The U.P. is a bikers paradise. Whether it's mountain, fat bike, cyclocross, road, trike, triathlon or any other form of human powered cycle, the Upper Peninsula has the natural goods to deliver, you just need to show up and ride.

Tour Da Yoop is like no other. We established a phenomenal bike route that circles the entire UP, staying off main highways as often as possible. The route is mostly paved, with some gravel. But we have available alternate routes for people to stick to the asphalt only.

This is not an easy ride. If you are a good biker and century experienced, take part of this incredible journey. In 2018 our inaugural riders completed the entire 1,200 mile route over a 10 day period starting August 23rd and finishing September 1st in Manistique. Most people did 1 or a few sections and are going back next year for more.

We are looking for riders that can do at least 1 and as many as 10 sections (each one being around 120 miles), working as a team. To be physically fit for this ride be sure that you can ride a strong century in the 16 or faster mph range, and be an awesome positive attitude person. We will all start and finish each leg as one cohesive group, so all riders must be capable of sustaining long rides with good speed.

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Female Tour Da Yoop, Eh Official Inaugural Ride Jersey

Limited quantities still available! This jersey was worn on the inaugural Tour Da Yoop, Eh 1,200 mile ride. The jersey is designed to be close fitting but not skin tight. It’s comprised of two specially sourced fabrics, chosen for their durability and wicking power. The combination creates a highly technical jersey with great functionality. Set-in sleeves, angled dump pockets and kissing welt zipper construction. Be sure to check the sizing chart before ordering. Most people wear a larger size than normally fits them. Podium Wear jersey made in Minnesota. This will be a limited time order and anyone is welcome to purchase. Riders that are going the entire 1,200 miles might want to order more than one.

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So get training, throw your name in the hat, and I hope to have you join us later this year. Email for more information and consideration to join the inaugural team.

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