Tour Da Yoop - It's Your Chance to be First

Do you want to participate in a groundbreaking crazy UP biking adventure in August 2018? Read on your crazy diamond!

The U.P. is a bikers paradise. Whether it's mountain, fat bike, cyclocross, road, trike, triathlon or any other form of human powered cycle, the Upper Peninsula has the natural goods to deliver, you just need to show up and ride.

entire rough map.jpg

Too many trolls are forced into the monotony of indoor trainers because of legitimate safety concerns in Lower Michigan. Alternately I can take a 100 mile road bike ride on ultra smooth paved UP roads and maybe see 20 cars. 

I'm happy to see people biking, but also surprised to see how many road bikers traverse along the busiest highways in the Upper Peninsula. I think to myself, don't they know all the roads they could take with a fraction of the traffic? And I've come to realize that they probably don't.

That, along with a good friend, Erin Irwin, for the past few years asking me if I'd help guide him and some friends on a bike trip around the UP, spurred me to think up the ultimate Michigan biking adventure - Tour Da Yoop.

Tour Da Yoop is like no other. We are establishing a phenomenal bike route that circles the entire UP, staying off main highways as often as possible. The route is mostly paved, with some gravel. But we have available alternate routes for people to stick to the asphalt only.

The entire loop is a bucket list. Some may wish to complete it over consecutive days and compete for the top accolades of the Plaid Jersey (best overall time). Others will complete a section at a time, with aspirations of finishing the entire 9 or 10 leg course (approx. 1300 miles) over a period of years. 

The official start and stop is in Manistique. Riders competing for time and wanting an official log of their ride need to check in advance with the Manistique Welcome Center - They will keep the official log book of all riders and their progression of completing the entire course.

This year, 2018, we are putting Tour Da Yoop on the map. See the rough drawing above for the approximate route. 

Now is your chance to be part of this incredible journey. We are building the team of bikers to complete the entire 1300ish mile route over a 9 or 10 day period starting August 23rd and finishing September 1st in Manistique. Some adventurous and incredible athletes might try to do the entire 1300 mile loop. But that is not necessary to participate.

We are looking for riders that can do at least 1 and as many as 10 sections (each one being around 130 miles), working as a team. Qualifications are that you can ride 112 miles and sustain a pace of 19+ mph on your own, and be an awesome positive attitude person. We will all start and finish each leg as one cohesive group, so all riders must be capable of sustaining long rides with good speed.

There will be a support vehicle accompanying us on each leg. 

So get training, throw your name in the hat, and I hope to have you join us later this year. Email for more information and consideration to join the inaugural team.

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