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What is Tour Da Yoop, Eh? -

1) Tour Da Yoop, Eh - Entire 1,200 mile perimeter bucket list ride

2) Tour Da Yoop Loops - Awesome bike rides in your favorite Upper Peninsula community

3) Tour Da Yoop North / South - connects Lake Michigan and Lake Superior communities

Translation - Come Ride Around the UP With Me, OK?


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 Tour Da Yoop, Eh - Bucket list adventure around the entire UP - roughly 1,250 miles

Tour Da Yoop, Eh - Bucket list adventure around the entire UP - roughly 1,250 miles

The biking problem

Bike training in populated areas can be a life threatening experience. The danger goes beyond the roads as people swarm to the parks in search of fewer cars. I helped a guy that was in a bike to bike accident in a park. He couldn't remember where he was or what happened the entire time before the ambulance came. Just a short while later there was another nasty bike to bike accident and sirens en route.

It's not only hard core athletes that feel the pain. Riding casual anywhere can be difficult in populated communities. Hence the explosion of group rides (safety in numbers) like the kinds taking place in Detroit. 

Riding through neighborhood streets has less traffic, horns and foul words, but you are earnestly on the lookout for driveways, parked cars opening doors and other hazards. Not to mention the constant starts, stops, and slow downs. 

Tour da yoop, eh solution

Don't worry, you have options - thousands of miles of them!

The U.P. is a bikers paradise. Whether it's mountain, fat bike, cyclocross, road, trike, triathlon or any other form of human powered cycle, the Upper Peninsula has the natural goods to deliver, just show up and ride.

I can go for a 100 mile training ride in the UP and sometimes see less than 10 cars. It's more likely that I'll see a moose on the side of the road than have a car blast their horn behind me. 

The best routes aren't known to vacationers. Until now. Tour Da Yoop, Eh has built and gathered thousands of miles of amazing biking fun- all organized in 3 main categories. 1) Perimeter bucket list Tour Da Yoop, Eh 2) Tour Da Yoop Loops and 3) Tour Da Yoop North/South connections

Tour Da Yoop, Eh

 Sneak peak - route 1 of 10 of the Tour Da Yoop, Eh. Full clickable map will be made public during the inagural ride starting August 23rd 2018

Sneak peak - route 1 of 10 of the Tour Da Yoop, Eh. Full clickable map will be made public during the inagural ride starting August 23rd 2018

This is the Mack Daddy of all biking adventures. It's a 10 section bucket list totaling around 1,200 miles with over 30,000 feet of incredible scenic elevation gain. We stay off the main highways as much as possible on a paved route with gravel and mountain bike alternate options.

The full route will be available for the public to download to your favorite GPS device after the inaugural ride, which starts on August 23rd 2018 out of Manistique and ends Labor Day weekend back in Manistique. There are limited spots for this ride (people can join for the entire ride, or choose sections), so if you are interested, please find out more here and contact us immediately. 

Fear not - if you have a trip planned to the UP this summer and want to explore some routes, look at the Tour Da Yoop Loops and Tour Da Yoop North/South adventures.

Tour Da Yoop Loops

Explore your favorite communities by bike and see things you never knew existed. Tour Da Yoop Loops is adding new routes all the time. Whether you want to jump on a specific mileage route or are looking for exposure to new roads to chart your own unique course, Tour Da Yoop Loops is the go-to place to start the adventure.

Tour Da Yoop North / South Connections

Here's where you can really get crazy with UP biking. Choose a destination town, like Manistique, then take a Tour Da Yoop North / South to Grand Marais. Have an incredible night enjoying the beauty of Lake Superior shores and massive dunes. Wake up the next day and ride a portion of the Tour Da Yoop, Eh (section 7) ride to Munising. Have coffee at Falling Rock, see the pictured rocks or rent a boat and head to Grand Island. Wake up the next day and take another Tour Da Yoop North / South trip back to Manistique. Check out Kitchitikipi and round out a fabulous long weekend in the UP. 

Tour Da Yoop, Eh Official Inaugural Ride Jersey (Pre-Order Sale Price)
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Special Pre-Order Price! This jersey is designed specifically for the inaugural Tour Da Yoop, Eh 1,200 mile ride. The price is discounted for the benefit of the inaugural rider team. Orders must be placed before July 2018 to hit the bulk order and ensure your jersey is produced in time. The jersey is designed to be close fitting but not skin tight. It’s comprised of two specially sourced fabrics, chosen for their durability and wicking power. The combination creates a highly technical jersey with great functionality. Set-in sleeves, angled dump pockets and kissing welt zipper construction. Be sure to check the sizing chart before ordering. I usually wear a men’s medium but the large fit me perfectly. Podium Wear jersey made in Minnesota. This will be a limited time order and anyone is welcome to purchase. Riders that are going the entire 1,200 miles might want to order more than one. Jersey’s will be shipped mid to late July as they are produced.

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