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What is Tour Da Yoop, Eh? -

Tour Da Yoop, Eh - Entire 1,200 mile perimeter bucket list ride

1) A 10 day race. Daily and overall winners

2) Race/Ride 1 day or as many of the 10 as you’d like

3) Visit the UP anytime of the year and choose from any of the thousands of miles of glorious routes and have a blast!

Translation - Come Ride Around the UP With Me, OK? for 2019 Race/Ride/Beer information and registration

interested in riding 2019?

  • Mark your calendar for August 15th (Thursday) through the 24th (Saturday)

  • Participate in a 10 day monster race or -

  • Choose any 1 or more of the 10 days to race or just ride for fun

  • Want another option? How about a casual beer ride in Ironwood and Houghton/Hancock?

We are capping the ride number, but you can secure an early crack to register by filling out the form below. We’ll contact you prior to open registration with the details so you have the best chance of securing a spot for 2019.

All details and registration information can be found at

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How Do You Get the Plaid Jersey?

Simple but definitely not easy. You just have to complete all 10 sections of the 1,200 mile Tour Da Yoop, Eh! It doesn’t matter if it takes you 10 years or 10 days - you’ll get something worth bragging about.

Did you LOVE the music on the Tour Da Yoop, Eh video? Check them out -

John Berry, The Accidentals, Michigander, The Outer Vibe

Tour Da Yoop, Eh

Above is the actual route of the Inaugural Ride in 2018. Go here to see the route for the 2019 Tour Da Yoop, Eh

This is the Mack Daddy of all biking adventures. It's a 10 section bucket list ride totaling around 1,200 miles with almost 30,000 feet of incredible scenic elevation gain. We stay off the main highways as much as possible on a paved route with gravel and mountain bike alternate options. Each day is challenging and rewarding once complete!

2019 Dates, Miles and Elevation

8/15, Thursday - 1 - Manistique to Escanaba - 91 miles - 1,126 elevation gain

8/16, Friday - 2 - Escanaba to Iron Mountain - 122 miles - 2,845 elevation gain

8/17, Saturday - 3 - Iron Mountain to Ironwood - 128 miles - 4,467 elevation gain

8/18, Sunday - 4 - Ironwood to Houghton - 125 miles - 4,385 elevation gain

8/19, Monday - 5 - Copper Harbor Loop - 122 miles - 3,929 elevation gain

8/20, Tuesday - 6 - Houghton to Marquette - 116 miles - 4,562 elevation gain

8/21, Wednesday - 7 - Marquette to Grand Marais - 108 miles - 2,853 elevation gain

8/22, Thursday - 8 - Grand Marais to Sault Ste. Marie - 116 miles - 1,815 elevation gain

8/23, Friday - 9 - Sault Ste. Marie to St. Ignace - 120 miles - 1,570 elevation gain 

8/24, Saturday - 10 - St. Ignace to Manistique - 104 miles - 1,259 elevation gain

If you have a trip planned to the UP be sure to look at the Tour Da Yoop Loops and Tour Da Yoop North/South adventures.

Meet The Inaugural Team

Tour Da Yoop Loops

Explore your favorite communities by bike and see things you never knew existed. Tour Da Yoop Loops is adding new routes all the time. Whether you want to jump on a specific mileage route or are looking for exposure to new roads to chart your own unique course, Tour Da Yoop Loops is the go-to place to start the adventure.

Tour Da Yoop North / South Connections

Here's where you can really get crazy with UP biking. Choose a destination town, like Manistique, then take a Tour Da Yoop North / South to Grand Marais. Have an incredible night enjoying the beauty of Lake Superior shores and massive dunes. Wake up the next day and ride a portion of the Tour Da Yoop, Eh (section 7) ride to Munising. Have coffee at Falling Rock, see the pictured rocks or rent a boat and head to Grand Island. Wake up the next day and take another Tour Da Yoop North / South trip back to Manistique. Check out Kitchitikipi and round out a fabulous long weekend in the UP. 

Training Tips

Next time you go for a run, head to some dirt/sand and evaluate your form. Whenever I hear people complain about shin splints and/or knee problems it’s almost always caused by inefficient form. Take a look at the first two pics. In one pic I’m running normal - planting my foot, consistent slight lean forward with my body, picking my foot back up again. Clean imprint in the sand. The other pic I’m intentionally running with a toe kick. You can see the shadow in my print and can easily spot the shadow in my tracks down the sand.

If you have a shadow from your toe/heel/both - then you are causing additional strain on your body. That might be fine for a quick sprint, but especially when you are doing distance events, that strain leads to injury. Think of your body as that drum you played with as a kid. I remember buying one at Mackinac Island. Your core is the stick, it rotates your hip, which turns your legs over. Slight forward lean and then focus rotating your hip and forget your legs. Seem awkward? Try it going downhill, it feels more natural. Your foot will land underneath your body, stay planted as you move forward and then picks up at the end of the stride as you are planting your other foot.

Notice the wolf track - no push, just a clear impression of the paw - and he’s traveling at a faster trot than I’m running. So next time you go for the distance - run like a wolf!

The same hip control applies to biking, just a little different position. Next time you power up a hill, see if you lean forward on your bike looking for more power. If you do, then you are probably relying on your leg muscles to do too much of the work. Instead of leaning forward, shift the back of your pelvis toward your bike seat, so it sits as flat as possible on the saddle. This will engage the power in your core and glutes.

Preserve your legs for that sprinting finish!

Female Tour Da Yoop, Eh Official Inaugural Ride Jersey

Limited quantities still available! This jersey was worn on the inaugural Tour Da Yoop, Eh 1,200 mile ride. The jersey is designed to be close fitting but not skin tight. It’s comprised of two specially sourced fabrics, chosen for their durability and wicking power. The combination creates a highly technical jersey with great functionality. Set-in sleeves, angled dump pockets and kissing welt zipper construction. Be sure to check the sizing chart before ordering. Most people wear a larger size than normally fits them. Podium Wear jersey made in Minnesota. This will be a limited time order and anyone is welcome to purchase. Riders that are going the entire 1,200 miles might want to order more than one.

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The biking problem

Bike training in populated areas can be a life threatening experience. The danger goes beyond the roads as people swarm to the parks in search of fewer cars. I helped a guy that was in a bike to bike accident in a park. He couldn't remember where he was or what happened the entire time before the ambulance came. Just a short while later there was another nasty bike to bike accident and sirens en route.

It's not only hard core athletes that feel the pain. Riding casual anywhere can be difficult in populated communities. Hence the explosion of group rides (safety in numbers) like the kinds taking place in Detroit. 

Riding through neighborhood streets has less traffic, horns and foul words, but you are earnestly on the lookout for driveways, parked cars opening doors and other hazards. Not to mention the constant starts, stops, and slow downs. 

Tour da yoop, eh solution

Don't worry, you have options - thousands of miles of them!

The U.P. is a bikers paradise. Whether it's mountain, fat bike, cyclocross, road, trike, triathlon or any other form of human powered cycle, the Upper Peninsula has the natural goods to deliver, just show up and ride.

I can go for a 100 mile training ride in the UP and sometimes see less than 10 cars. It's more likely that I'll see a moose on the side of the road than have a car blast their horn behind me. 

The best routes aren't known to vacationers. Until now. Tour Da Yoop, Eh has built and gathered thousands of miles of amazing biking fun- all organized in 3 main categories. 1) Perimeter bucket list Tour Da Yoop, Eh 2) Tour Da Yoop Loops and 3) Tour Da Yoop North/South connections

UP Wide Preventing suicide

I’ve been asked by Communities That Care (CTC) to help plan a route from west to east UP, going into every county to help raise awareness for suicide prevention. These people are amazing! They wanted a 4 day route, 12 hours per day max, where bikers and runners pass a torch. Please go here to find out more about this wonderful -UP Wide Preventing Suicide.

Now that the route is built and a preliminary schedule together, we need to find bikers to carry the torch. Your job, should you choose to help, is vital to the success of this event. There’s a lot of land to cover and we want to involve as many community members as possible. The only way to do that is for athletic bikers to cover the ground between towns quickly. We are looking for people that can ride in a drafting group for 60ish miles. You can see the preliminary schedule listed below the route map. If you think there’s a chance you can help, please fill out the form below or simply email me - Thanks!

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